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social media videos.
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What Remly can do... Service

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Map Style (SNS) social media videos.

You can find other users travel experiences from the map.

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Share your memories with videos.

Everything from shooting to editing.

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High quality travel experience.

Enjoy the powerful movie effects.

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Discover the hot spots.

Map function that allows to search by category.

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Connect with a message.

Get excited by sharing a common topic.

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You can use the following expressions in these situations... Situation


Before going out.

Have an urge to travel? Let’s find a place you want to go!

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On the go.

Record and share your favorite spots and memories!

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After going out.

Check the accumulated records and take a look back on the memories of the trip!

Illustrations of looking back on memories.

Introducing the creators... Creator

Introduce a creator, who has been posting wonderful content.

  • Shizen no Tokai's image

    Shizen no Tokai


    Explore Kochi! Have fun! Enjoy the local cuisine!

  • SORA TRAVEL's image



    Share the content of my trip at my own pace.

  • Meg hotel's image

    Meg hotel


    Shoot the famous hotels and cafes, which have just opened in Japan.

  • Ramumi8's image



    Shoot mainly in Kyushu.
    Sometimes I can also go to Kanto or Kansai area.

  • MONKEY TRACK's image



    Video creator that conveys the charm of Ishigaki Island.
    Make your trip more enjoyable and get connected!

  • misae's image



    Hawaiian influencer

  • Before Your Trip JP's image

    Before Your Trip JP


    Feel like traveling around the world with your smartphone♪
    Let’s go and see the breathtaking views of the world with us!

  • masaki_hani_cinema's image



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