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Story Writer

Story Writer is a community of short travel and outing videos. Just by browsing, you will get excited as if it's you on the road. Creating content is easy - have fun posting your memories! Story Writer takes you on a journey you've never experienced before.

About Story Writer

A fun way of logging/sharing
your memories from travel

Share your stories with your favorite music with a wide audience!
You can add location information to your video
to share information of memorable places or create your very own map.


Fun editing

Add comments and location information and sort them - all done intuitively!

Convenient map

When you find an awesome location in a video,
add it to your Favorite Spots.
Checking it out on a map leads to a new discovery!

Easy sharing

Why not share your beautiful memories from your travels?
Visit the places you have pinned on the map!


Every time you use Story Writer,
you're on a new journey

Open Story Writer in between busy moments
Story Writer gives you new discoveries and wonders that'll make your day!


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