We are creatinga new culture andnew experience. We are creatinga new culture andnew experience.


A short movie app focusing on outings and travel.

Would you like to discover a world you do not know with Remly? With Remly, you'll surely find the perfect spot for you, even if you haven't decided on a destination. Also, stock your favorite places on the map. It will surely be useful for your next outing.

Add color to your life with new discoveries

On the way back, which I used to pass by, if I take a detour, new discoveries await.

The city you've never been to, and your city, is full of adventurous charm.

Remly adds color to your everyday life through everyone's experience.

A community that excites everyone

In the world of Remly, you can share your wonderful experiences. The experience goes around and creates the laughter of people I haven't met yet.

We also have creators who send out information, and they sympathize with us and make us excited. Both viewers value it.

We will continue to create the Remly economy so that everyone can enjoy it.


    About 50,000 users!

    The number of users has steadily increased in half a year since its release, and it is currently used by about 50,000 users.


    Influencers are also available!

    Influencers and others who have about 100,000 followers on TikTok also use Remly.


    appStore rating 4.3

    There are also user feedbacks such as "It will be a reference for how to enjoy your trip" and "Must love traveling!"

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One Nation is a company that creates new communication and entertainment. Create a product with your own ideas, taking enough time to discover unsolved problems and new enjoyment. There are strengths here and there. The main product, "Remly," is an app that allows you to search for information on travel destinations and outings while enjoying videos, and is inconvenient for services that provide only conventional location information and video information. We will solve the problem and turn your trip into a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Please experience a new world that combines "convenience of search" and "entertainment of exploration".



  • Q

    Are you doing a Contract development of system?


    We are not doing Contract development of system. Only our own original products will be developed.

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    Are you hiring?


    We are looking for an app engineer at the moment. Please feel free to contact us if you're interested.

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    Are you considering investing?


    We are looking for investment and partner companies.If you have a company and would like to take action, then feel free to contact with us by using the inquiry form.